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Re: HSS moment connections

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HSS detailing requires considerations of the partial effectiveness of the connected section(s).  These considerations may become crucial in moment resistance, particularly, in both straight cut and mitred cases.  Only small (actually, tiny) portions of the welds at the corners will be effective (the FEA modeling of the joint proves that this assumption is not conservative at all). 
The contractor-suggested "cap" really becomes an important structural member, as there is nothing to resist the moment component at the top.  Actually, with HSS-HSS joint, there is not much to resist at at the re-entrant corner, either.
With any considerable moment at HSS I usually end up using side plates. 
Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA        
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Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2005 10:26 AM
Subject: HSS moment connections

For a tube to tube moment connection, I?m used to showing the tubes with miter cuts, then calling out full penetration weld all round.


The contractor wants to keep the ends square, butt them, cap the open end, and call it good.  Is that okay?  I suppose if the welds are still accomplished properly it would work.  In fact, the inside corner might be easier this way.


Forgive me, I?m not a detailer and don?t have an HSS connections manual.




Ed Tornberg

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