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Buying a plotter

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Does anyone have any good or bad plotter buying
experiences that you would like to share?  I'm looking
to buy my first plotter to handle up to 36" wide B&W

Is the safest bet to buy through a reputable dealer
with a service plan, or should I be looking to buy a
used plotter somewhere?  

And is there a particular brand to avoid, or one I
should consider?  I'm only familiar with HP's, so I
suppose that's what I would ask for.  There are just
so many models to search through.  The few numbers I'm
familiar with seem to be discontinued (HP 650 Design
Jet series).

Speed plotting is not really a concern.  I also don't
need much for bells and whistles as I will be the only
user.  I'm figuring on spending up to $1500 for a
simple machine, but would be willing to spend more for
"must-have" upgrades.

Thanks in advance,
Jim Wilson

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