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RE: HSS moment connections

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I agree that has great weldability, but I’m trying to avoid the protrusions.


I must take this opportunity to thank you for your always thoughtful responses.  The first time I emailed a question to the list some 7 years ago, I believe it was you who steered me to an invaluable reference for my Masters project.  Plus I have an affinity for anyone named Nels (my brother shares that name).


Ed Tornberg

Tornberg Consulting, LLC


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How about this?  Use a thick plate a little wider than the depth of the tubes set into slots cut into the center of each tube far enough to develop the design moment using fillet welds, four fillet welds per tube.


To develop the design moment in a 4x4x3/8 tube, I used a ¾” plate, 5” wide, set into 7” long slots, welded with 5/16” fillets to each tube.


Nels Roselund, SE

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Subject: HSS moment connections


For a tube to tube moment connection, I’m used to showing the tubes with miter cuts, then calling out full penetration weld all round.


The contractor wants to keep the ends square, butt them, cap the open end, and call it good.  Is that okay?  I suppose if the welds are still accomplished properly it would work.  In fact, the inside corner might be easier this way.


Forgive me, I’m not a detailer and don’t have an HSS connections manual.




Ed Tornberg

Tornberg Consulting, LLC