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Re: HSS moment connections

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I try to avoid these mitre cuts as they are extremely
hard to weld and achieve full penetration. Just look
at the geometry of the corner.  The best way to get a
full pen weld is with back-up bars, but how do you fit
a back-up bar into the corner of the "flanges".  Your
contractor's suggestion is better, but still requires a
lot of weld because of the flare bevel welds required
where the straight end meets the round corner on the
"webs".  If the forces allow it, I would cut the HSS
on a mitre and then fit a plate on the mitre which is
larger than the HSS dimensions and fillet weld the 2
tubes to the plate.  Simple and clean, but doesn't
work well where large fillets are required.

On 24 Aug 2005 at 10:26, Ed Tornberg wrote:

> For a tube to tube moment connection, I'm used to showing the tubes
> with miter cuts, then calling out full penetration weld all round.
> The contractor wants to keep the ends square, butt them, cap the open
> end, and call it good.  Is that okay?  I suppose if the welds are
> still accomplished properly it would work.  In fact, the inside corner
> might be easier this way.
> Forgive me, I'm not a detailer and don't have an HSS connections
> manual.
> Thanks,
> Ed Tornberg
> Tornberg Consulting, LLC
> 503-551-4165

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