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Visual Analysis

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Well, I am going to try to answer, just in case, if you get a good
solution from VA, then you can also post it here ...

if you don't want weights added to the corner of the building, you can
always mesh the plate, then there will be intermediary nodes.  i also
suggest meshing as the last thing you do, because usually you will
want to include some supporting beams too.  and if you've meshed
before including the beam, then you can't be sure that the plate is
even supported by the beam,  anyway, these are some of the problems
with VA, that you can not easily align the system or congregate all
nodes within a tolerance to that particular node.  onre more thing
that may work, my boss tends to try to outline the whole plate or
shear wall with beam elements, and i believe that when you mesh the
plate, it will also ask if you want to mesh the beam. or you can set a
grid of beam elements that overlap you original beams.  then mesh to
just the grid beams and the plate grid creating can be easily made
with copy command.

you can also do rigid diaphragm for a set of nodes.  although i also
find this difficult because you have to select the whole set at once
by ctrl-select.  and if you hit one wrong node, then you either have
to start all over again, or you have to know exactly which nodes you
want, and if it is many, then difficult.

and yes, VA support is very good, although sometimes i think when they
update the program, they tend to be "fixed until they are broke" ! 
but i think when we give them our input they also try to update to the
problems that we suggest.


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> From: John Riley [mailto:jpriley485(--nospam--at)] 
> Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2005 3:34 PM
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> Subject: Visual Analysis
> I'm having trouble in Visual Analysis modeling a
> relatively simple building.  To simulate the floor
> and
> roof diaphragms I first entered plates; steel for
> roof
> and concrete for floor.  I think I'm having two
> problems with this approach.
> 1. The plate weights are added to the nodes.
> 2. FEM's are added to the nodes.
> VA has a rigid diaphragm feature, which I thought
> would be better.  Trouble is, I have a couple nodes
> at
> each level that can't translate laterally because of
> existing construction.  If I put a lateral support
> at
> those nodes, VA doesn't like it because I guess you
> can't have supports in the plane of a rigid
> diaphragm.
> Can anyone help?
> John Riley

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