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Re: Joliet prison is a 'Break'-out star

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Is this the way  we want structural engineers portrayed??
It starts Monday!
We probably shouldn't get terribly worked up over something as impossible as a collective image. This list is proof positive that there is no such thing even among a sub-discipline like civil/structural engineers. There isn't anything typical even about engineering practice, let alone the practitioners. I watch James Stewart play a somewhat ditsy aeronautical engineering genius (No Highway in the Sky'--you should see it if you haven't) and I think 'Wull, gee whiz, those Hollywood fellas just don't know what engineers actually do, now do they? Doggone-it, it's not right…it's just not right!' But that's OK--my mother went to her grave not knowing what I do, and my wife just says 'some kind of mechanical engineer.' That's life.

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