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RE: Marketting your company

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Once you have a target list of architects or developers, I would start telephoning them, try to get to a decision maker, and ask for a few minutes of their time (ideally over coffee or away from the phone) to introduce yourself and your firm. Don't settle for a promised callback from the receptionist, just keep trying until you get through. Advertising is ok for creating an image or brand, but for what you are after I think it would be pretty much a waste of money, ditto the yellow pages. There's nothing unethical about contacting new potential clients. Mailers and unrequested brochures will probably end up in the wastebasket. Face to face and voice to voice is best. Emails and the post office are no substitute. A good company web page is a good investment, something you can direct interested parties to and that you can update at any time.
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Curently, I am working for an engineering company in NY. Within the past two years, our firm has doubled in size from 9 to 18 personnels. My boss requested me to help him to market the company to enlarge our client base.

Most of the work we are doing is structural design for 8 to 15 stories apartments in NYC.

I am wondering if someone has went thru what i am experiencing. What is the best marketting strategy to reach more clients in a short period of time? I understand that the word of mouth is the best way, but at this time, I have to ensure that all 18 personnels will always have work on their desk!

Is it ethical to solicit the company resume/portfolio to random architectural firms/ developer that we never had business with? Do you think Yellow pages really sell?

Please share your thought with me. Thank you very much!

Hadi Djohan, P.E.

Brooker Engineering, PLLC.

Suffern, NY


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