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RE: Tall stud wall framing / IRC rant

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You raise a good point...and I don't necessarily disagree.  Assuming that
code people go that path as you suggest, then the next logical question
is: Where do you draw the line?  In other words, how "dumbed down" do you
make the code?  What you consider appropriate might be different than what
I consider appropriate (as I am sure that you have encountered while
working on code committees).  What I consider obvious may not necessarily
be as obvious to you.  And there will ALWAYS be someone to who some
provision is not obvious and will use it incorrectly.

And that is the tough part of writing codes.  At some point, the code
writers have to assume some minimum level of competence of the end users
and work toward that point.  It is then up to the "system" to ensure that
only people of that competence level use the code provisions and do the
design.  Otherwise, the only way to ensure that some idiot does not use
the code wrong is to not have a code and tell every one to live in caves.


Adrian, MI

On Sun, 28 Aug 2005, Sherman, William wrote:

> I agree with the statement that "If you use a code (whether
> engineered-based or prescriptive-based), it is still the user's
> responsibility to read all of it and understand it."  But I also agree
> with Jordan that code based design tables should either be based on the
> most common design condition or should be based on a conservative
> design, with footnotes defining how to modify the table for other
> conditions.  The code should be written to minimize errors in usage - if
> the tabulated values are unconservative for the majority of
> applications, the code is contributing to the potential for erroneous
> designs.  While it is incorrect to use tables without reading the
> footnotes, we must recognize that not all users will do as detailed a
> review as is intended, so the tables should minimize the potential for
> unconservative designs.

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