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Re: Tall stud wall framing / IRC rant

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On Aug 29, 2005, at 11:40 AM, Scott Maxwell wrote:

My original contention (and it stil is) is that ANYTHING and/or EVERYTHING will be "misleading" if you only read part of it. So, why are we blaming
the people who wrote it if some moron chooses to only read part of it?
Now, if in fact it was read completely and was confusing/easy to
misinterpret, then maybe it needs to be fixed.
Agreed 100%. And every time you set out to 'simplify' or 'explain' something like this, all the added verbiage usually end up expanding the area of misunderstanding by obscuring the intent still further. Idiot-proofing requires that someone start thinking like an idiot, which is invariably self-defeating.
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