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Re: 1997 NDS vs 2001 NDS: Stl side plate double shear

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You might try looking in the archives.  I believe that this was discussed
in the past (I have some vague recollection of it in the dusty recesses of
my brain).

Otherwise, I would guess that Buddy from AFPA might chime in.

If I recall something else before someone else gives a good answer, I will
open my big mouth (or would that be fingers) again.


Adrian, MI

On Mon, 29 Aug 2005 utej(--nospam--at) wrote:

> 1997 NDS section (wood-to-metal connections) states to calc Mode Im, IIIs, and IV, but not Mode Is (bearing dominated failure of steel side members). 2001 NDS section 11.3.1 states to calc Mode Im, Is, IIIs, and IV; however, Fes for the steel plate is larger (Fes = 2.2*Fu/1.6) than in the 1997 NDS (Fes = Fu).
> Is there anywhere in the 2001 NDS that states that one does not have to consider Mode Is for a steel side plate double shear connection as there is in the 1997 NDS?

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