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Re: Technology and Structural Engineering

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On Aug 30, 2005, at 2:57 PM, Chitra Javdekar wrote:

I feel that as a profession, we as structural engineers have been somewhat lagging behind the other professions in embracing new ideas, and new developments in routine work.
Just for argument's sake--give me a for-instance. would it be something like the use of modern energy codes to address mold formation or air quality? Or the use of 'engineered' products like fabricated I-section joists. How about things like bonding materials like epoxy or FRP? All there are in use with greater or lesser success, of course. Had you any others in mind?

   What is the percent of time we spend each day following code provisions (while that is necessary) and how much in actual project conceptualization, defining goals, learning new ways to communicate and present information; to gather and analyze information regarding the structures we routinely design or have designed?
To be perfectly candid, I don't see the connection between 'actual project conceptualization, etc' and technological improvements. Most of what you've listed really falls somewhere between overhead and visualizations. The communications aspect has technological implications and I'd say that it's certainly one of the areas where technology has enabled some enormous strides. Analyzing information is certainly being made more practical by such lists as this where people can learn from others, and by computer software that allows closer examination of structural assumptions.

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