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RE: Shear Modulus

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Fintel's "Handbook of Concrete Engineering" recommends you use the formula G = E/2(1-v), where E is the elastic modulus and v is Poisson's ratio, usually between .10 and .20. Thee doesn't seem to be any clear relationship between Poisson's ratio and other parameters, but you could do tests on it if you really needed to know. Roark's tables suggests you use higher values of Poisson's ratio with higher E. I would probably just use .15 and call it a day. That results in G closer to 0.6E for concrete.
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Subject: Shear Modulus

Does anyone know where I can find an equation for the Shear Modulus, G, of concrete.  I have looked in ACI 318 and some text book but could not locate an answer.  I know masonry estimates this value to be about 0.4*E, could this value be used for concrete also?



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