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RE: HSS vs WF columns

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I’d say it depends on how you want to detail your bracing or moment frame connections.  For X-bracing, if you are going with welded gusset plate to column/beam then HSS is the way to go.  Bolted gussets and you need WF columns.  For moment frames it’s a little trickier, but I think that WF column to WF beam is the norm.  AISC provides way more info on this type of moment connection.


I prefer to use HSS in anything less than three stories just because tube section properties lend itself to axial loading better than WF…thus the weight savings you noted.


~~ Eli Grassley, PE


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What is more commonly used in an office building? HSS or WF columns?


I am looking at an office building now with a pretty high floor to floor height (16ft). The weight I get using HSS columns is about 40% less than the weight I am getting if I use WF columns. But I am not sure if the HSS material cost will still cause the HSS option to be more expensive.


If you were given that the WF choice was 50,000 lbs and the HSS was 35,000 lbs, which one would you choose?  






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