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RE: "Prison Break"

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I watched the first two episodes (they showed them back to back).

So far, I like it. Doesn't portray structural engineers as anything but
thorough geniuses. No nerd stereotype (in fact, the guy is pretty tough)
and made an allen wrench from a machine bolt.

See if he can "propogate" and "increase the shear strength" of the warden's

So far, thumbs up! Better than 99% of the crap out there.

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>Subject: "Prison Break"
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>"If anybody had told me that engineers were stone-cold badasses with the
>fighting skills of a black ops agent, I would have seriously reconsidered
>college major."   James Poniewozik, reviewing "Prison Break," the TV show,
>in the 
>current (9/5/05) TIME magazine. 
>Also:   "What 'Prison Break' lacks in plausibility--basically, everything--it
>makes up for in plotting, pacing and panache." 
>Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
>Richmond CA USA

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