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Wood truss as drag strut

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I haven’t seen much in design literature about this condition.  If I have an interior shear wall, perpendicular to the ridge line, with prefab metal plated wood trusses at 2’-0” on center, what is the best way to detail this as a drag strut?  Should it be used as a drag strut, or should the shear wall continue all the way up to the roof sheathing?  The walls occur for the first 11 feet from the bearing ends, with a 5:12 pitch.


If I detail the truss to be connected to the wall top plate, even say a double ply truss, and tell the truss designer the shear force, is it practical for them to design the truss for those loads?  Shouldn’t I also have some details of lateral bracing down from the roof diaphragm to the wall top plate?


As I said, I haven’t seen this discussed in design literature or text books.  If someone can point me in the direction of some discussion, I would greatly appreciate it.