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Re: Technology and Structural Engineering

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On Sep 1, 2005, at 9:13 AM, Jim Chatterley PE wrote:

It is my experience and opinion that the only way for technology to make a difference in the building industry is to encourage innovation by DESIGN-BUILDING.  For example look what has happened with the Post Tensioning for Structural Concrete during the past 30 years.
You put your finger on it. It took 30 years for post tensioning (and quenched and tempered steel or automatic welding or FRP composites) to catch on. It didn't happen because someone had a brainstorm. And in each case the catching-on process was accompanied with some unintended consequences and a few steps backward. It doesn't happen over night or because someone gets a brilliant idea. Engineering design and practice is evolutionary--not revolutionary. Engineering isn't just a matter of great forward leaps, it's also a matter of minimizing risk.

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