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RE: Wood truss as drag strut

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The slotted clips allow the truss to move up and down relative to the wall but they will transfer the shear load.  Simpson also has an HTC clip for heavier loads.  I understood that your wall was parallel with the trusses.  What I was saying to look out for is that when you look at the ridge from outside the bearing wall, you might be able to see the ridge drop between the gable end walls.  If you add another wall that goes to the bottom of the roof deck, you may end up with a visible hump in the ridge because the wall will not deflect but the trusses on both sides of the wall will.


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I guess I was not clear on the wall and truss orientation.  The trusses are gable trusses so they span perpendicular to the ridge.  The shear wall is parallel to the truss.  I either use the truss as a drag strut, or take the wall to the roof at the wall only.  The trusses would be adjacent to the wall. 


I don’t see how the slide clips would help.


It seems to me it would be a cleaner detail to take the wall to the roof so I don’t have to have a transfer of forces from the truss to the wall.  I also don’t have to concern myself with the truss supplier designing the trusses correctly.





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A slotted fastener from drag truss to wall is advised (Simpson DTC or STC clips).