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Re: Technology and Structural Engineering

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Hi Dave,
Yes, I think so too.   I
About your questions, if you look at image processing in say, medical field - such as used in scanning and detection of abnormalities, you would realize that structural engineers do not use as much of it routinely and may not be familiar with/aware of such techniques or methods..   However, a parallel application in transporation engineering is: pavement distress surveys using radar image processing.  As far as advancements in image processing that we may be able to use are: multimodal image fusion, tracking moving and/or deforming objects and so on..  In sensors. advancements are tiny low cost sensors such as MEMS sensors that can be used for covering large areas with sensor arrays.   In signal processing, there are certain pattern recognition techniques that can be put to use for detection of changes in system parameters (such as the changes in the structural system)...  And experienced engineers will be able to imagine many more applications using these.
Chitra Javdekar, Ph.D.
Prudent Solutions Inc
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Hi Chitra,
We're probably approaching the same conclusion to the matter, but emphasizing different things.  What are some of the specific advancements in "image processing, signal processing and sensors" that structural engineers should have taken advantage of?

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