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This is a OpenSTAAD question to open an exising file

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I wrote the following VBA in Excel to test the OpenSTAAD.

Sub AllNodes()
    Dim objOpenStaad
    Dim pnNodes As Integer
    Dim pnNodeNumbers() As Integer
    Dim px() As Double
    Dim py() As Double
    Dim pz() As Double
    Set objOpenStaad = CreateObject(" OpenSTAAD.Output.1")
    objOpenStaad.SelectSTAADFile "C\Users\N201\NorthWall01.std"
    objOpenStaad.GetNodesCount pnNodes
    Set objOpenStaad = Nothing

End Sub

However, the VBA runs into problem and give me the message "No available STAAD results!"

What have done wrong?

Oh, the fellow from Research Engineers International is not much a help at all!