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Re: Is Everyone Present And Accounted For?

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Harold Sprague wrote:

Our company has one engineer not accounted for in New Orleans.

26 August, Friday - FEMA MO Task Force 1 was activated the evening

27 August, Saturday - MO FT 1 light rescue team deployed

28 August, Sunday - Hurricane Katrina upgraded to Category 5

29 August, Monday - Hurricane Katrina made landfall. Search & Rescue followed

30 August, Tuesday - FEMA TAC teams were notfied for activation.

31 August, Wednesday - Additional MO TF 1 resources deployed

I was in meetings with the Navy on 31 August and Army on 1 - 2 September and did not deploy.

Black & Veatch deployed about 30 engineers for repair of the cell telephone system last week.

Following is a report in the Kansas City Star about what is going on. The full article is at:

Harold Sprague

.........Dustin Rackers, 25, of Jefferson City, was riding in a military truck with 15 rescued victims from a six-story apartment building. His job was to take them to the New Orleans airport. Most of these victims were in wheelchairs. FEMA told him to drop the victims there because medical workers were treating victims at the airport.

But when Rackers’ team pulled into the airport, a local law officer pointed a gun at him and told him to go away. We’re full, he told Rackers. Take them to the freeway.

“I could not drop those people along Interstate 10 … I couldn’t do it,” he said.

So Rackers drives to the sprawling Saints facility, to temporarily leave the victims at the Missouri team’s base camp. Again he is stopped. Several deputies and polices officers point weapons at him. We don’t care, one officer says, as Rackers tried to explain. Take them AWAY.

Rackers frantically calls FEMA, which again tells him to take the victims to the airport.

At the airport, another weapon is pointed in his face. Except this time, “a nurse was nearby and began yelling, ‘We want them, we want them,’ ” Rackers said. All told, the victims had been in his truck for four hours as he drove back and forth. .......

Yeah, too bad the local and state leaders in Louisiana--notoriously and perennially the most corrupt government in U.S. history--chose to play politics with this whole thing instead of actually LEADING.

Contrast Giuliani post-9/11 with that joke of a mayor, Nagin of New Orleans. He has yet to even answer the growing clamor for information as to why the city of N.O. never activated their city buses for evacuation as the established emergency plan dictated. Pathetic.

And how many days did it take Blanco to declare a state of emergency? Even while she chose to carp about the "lack of response from the Feds"?

FWIW, New Orleans got clipped by Katrina; Mississippi got CLOBBERED. N.O. was damaged by flooding from their silly levee system failures. But the Mississippi gulf coast was all but destroyed by the storm itself. The day after the storm, the chief of police of Biloxi reported that "Biloxi is GONE". This because of the HURRICANE, mind you.

But have you heard complaints from Mississippians? No, because they've been too busy cleaning up and recovering, led by a governor who actually knows what the job entails.

FWIW, it wouldn't be an issue had it not been that the Left in this country has chosen yet again a tragic confluence of events to try to make political points.

The countdown for the Second American Revolution continues.

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