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Re: Providing engineering services to rebuild the southern states.

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hadiprawira djohan wrote:

Fellow Engineers,
I bet i am not the only one who have thought about providing engineering services to rebuild damages caused by Katrina. I am not talking about taking advantages from the disaster, but instead, may be we can use our service to alleviate their loss. Does anyone exactly have done and know how to do something like this before? Let me know what you think about it! Hadi Djohan, P.E.
Brooker Engineering, PLLC.


I just received a letter from interim Auburn (Univ - my alma mater) President Ed Richardson talking about involving the Architecture Dept there. Here's his words...

   "Finally, we will help in unique ways, especially
    in areas where Auburn is already a national leader.
    One such effort currently underway will make use of
    the talents of students in our College of Architecture,
    Design and Construction to explore alternative
    long-term housing options for those who have been
    displaced by Hurricane Katrina."

Maybe the engineering community can integrate their efforts with some enthusiastic and idealistic young minds - which would be a wonderful experience for them, as well.  Auburn was the school who - thru former classmate Sam Mockbee - initiated that "Rural Studio" that built low-cost (but with character) housing for the poor in rural Alabama (some pretty decent stuff, I might add - even with things like old tires (!!) and tin roofing).

Having something with a little bit of character to it would surely uplift some of those 'lost souls' along the Gulf Coast.

Having the engineering community chime in with some of these student efforts would uplift those students, as well - for it truly sets the proper example.

There is (as reported) info on Auburn's home page

And I'm sure other architectural / engineering programs of schools in the area are (or will be) involved, as well.

John H. Cato, jr, R.A. - AU '76
cc: AU prez

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