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Re: Is Everyone Present And Accounted For?----[Choices]

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Chuck Ritter wrote:

Should have said HOW is it that the great American relief efforts were military......
Bureaucracy does not exist to serve the public good. It exists to perpetuate itself.

Ask yourself why, although unionism is collapsing in just about every other sector of human endeavor in the U.S., it is growing by leaps and bounds in one: Government employment.

Also, consider this: bureaucratic entrenchment transcends whatever administration happens to be in place at any time. It is an open secret that bureaucrats are going to survive, no matter what sort of "housecleaning" is being proposed by the latest elected and appointed officialdom. We see it time after time nowadays: The CIA, the FBI, FEMA, the Pentagon, you name it.

The way to make sure that aid gets to where it needs to be, and when, is to REDUCE the size of government, period. But doing this is near-impossible because you will be fought every step of the way by the aparatchiks.

Those who don't understand that, are simply ignorant of reality. Things are no better now than they were back in the days of "the spoils system." Then, you got in depend on who you knew.

NOW, you STAY in no matter how inept, how corrupt or how redundant you might be.

Tell me that's the sort of system we want to depend on when the rains come down and the floods come up.

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