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Re: Is Everyone Present And Accounted For?----[Choices]

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Charley Hamilton wrote:

I've heard a statistic like this bandied about several times. Could someone point me at a source? I'm from New Orleans, and I don't recall levees ever being "80% complete". Levees that are only partially complete leak. ;-)

Regarding overall levee height, that is a different issue.  There was
a very informative segment with the USACE General for the SE Region
(I believe) on PBS last night.  He pointed out that the levee risk
assessment and design were for a Cat 3 hurricane.  This was based on
acceptable risk levels (Pf = 0.005/year) that were determined in concert
with the people who held the purse-strings.

IIRC, people were always batting around the idea of "strengthening" the levees beyond their design for a Cat 3 'cane.

Of course, now that a Cat 4/5 (depending on where you were) has hit, and the levees are breached, everyone with a stake in pointing blame at someone else has started this "80% complete" garbage. The fact is that this was ALWAYS a possibility, as you point out, however remote. The real tragedy is that N.O. had a published emergency plan for forced evacuation that they ignored, and yet they're trying to pin the blame on the Feds (and Nagin has even taken to sniping at the state of Louisiana lately; anyone but the local authorities).

One day, I hope any of the Leftists on this list will be in the position to be SUED because they designed for, say, 120 MPH wind or the local seismic conditions according to the code, and then see the designed structures DESTROYED by an event above that which is mandated by the building codes.

The basis of the suit will be "you knew there was a chance that this might happen, no matter how remote, and you ignored it! Pay up!!!"

That's the mentality that's going around now, and I am so nauseated by it I cannot put it sufficiently into words.


BEFORE the fact no public official in N.O. would dare suggest putting their money--which they had been given over the years by FEMA et al--to work "strengthening" those levees.

NOW they want to point the fingers of blame, because that's all we have politically in this country any more: Politicians who know how to DUCK responsibility by blaming someone else.

FWIW, our church nationwide is mobilized and each area assigned to take a turn at cleanup over the indefinite term. I'm going with about a hundred others from our area in west Houston on Sept. 16-18 and at least monthly thereafter for who knows how long. I will be VERY interested to see the reality, wherever it is that we're going (rumor has it that it will be in the vicinity of Slidell, LA, but that's subject to change moment-by-moment).

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