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Re: Is Everyone Present And Accounted For?----[Choices]

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Sharon Robertson wrote:

Wasn't the reduction of government to blame for the levees only being 80%

Government <> Effort

Do you REALLY think that we were able to build this nation from wilderness to prosperity because we had a BIG GOVERNMENT!?!?!

Really, peoples' assumptions anymore are astonishing--and bewildering.

(Lastly: The notion that our government isn't still "growing" is a laugh-and-a-half. Check out the latest Transporation Bill? "Pork" as far as the eye can see. The TINY, TINY tax-cut we received with the GRACIOUSNESS of our out-of-control government resulted in a revenue INCREASE--just as it did during the Reagan years, and as it was predicted to do. When you tax and tax, you remove INCENTIVE. Why the heck should people care to build wealth when the government's gonna come take it all away from you to give to the lazy?

(When you reduce the onerous tax burden--we are INCREDIBLY highly taxed--people start building wealth, increase worth and the government gets more money. That so many people are too stupid to understand that just makes me want to cry.

(Oh, Dim politicians DO understand it; they just don't care. They care only about reelection, and lying to people about "giving money to the rich" is their most tried-and-true weapon.

(Remember: Government never "gives" money to anyone, because they don't have any. They don't MAKE wealth! They take it from them that have, and give it to them that don't: Income redistribution. It's the cheapest way for incumbent politicians to fund their own campaigns).

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