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Re: Is Everyone Present And Accounted For?----[Choices]

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You're getting quite predictable on this list.

>Google: "Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project"
Sharon, the FACT is that there was no such "80% complete" levee system.

NOW that this problem arose, everyone's talking about it as if it were
fact, but it never has been.

I would expect an engineer to understand cost/benefit ratios and
probability-based design.

It isn't rocket science to recognize that a city with an elevation largely below sea level will catastrophically fail if the construction of the surrounding levee system do not account for that. Little or no redundancy in the system and a recurring probability every hurricane season of a catastrophe is a sure recipe for failure... eventually. An engineer should understand that.

The FACT that the levees have been inadequate is NOT news. I've read plenty of reports that all players have been 'gambling' that the levees would hold, or that a storm of this magnitude would not strike. What is news is the inaction that has led to this disaster, when the information was completely known that the combination of system inadequacy and magnitude of storm would lead to this scenario. Last year's FEMA exercise "Hurricane Pam" disclosed that fact most recently. We will now find out how continued whittling away of funds for projects that protect public safety affect us as a nation, as well as the people of Louisiana and New Orleans.

No, sounds like you're mired in this big-government mentality that is
the bane of modern existence.

It's like this d*mned "transportation bill": Like NO ONE CAN DO ANYTHING
unless it's "federally funded."

Bill, isn't there a lot of Federally funded interstate highway mileage in Texas? Last time I drove west Texas, that was a lot of miles of concrete that you and I have paid for with our tax dollars. What do you suggest, that some private enterprise would have built those hundreds of miles going through 'nowhere'?

Best regards,

Thomas Honles, SE, PE

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