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Re: Is Everyone Present And Accounted For?----[Choices]

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Thomas Honles wrote:

It isn't rocket science to recognize that a city with an elevation largely below sea level will catastrophically fail if the construction of the surrounding levee system do not account for that. Little or no redundancy in the system and a recurring probability every hurricane season of a catastrophe is a sure recipe for failure... eventually. An engineer should understand that.

We "gamble" every time we erect a building in a "danger zone" that is designed based on probability of occurence.

The moment you have an event that exceeds design, you can expect that it might fail.

Crying about it after the fact is pointless.

My understanding is that after the Northridge EQ, the realization dawned that the COLA has steel-framed buildings that likely have damaged welds. The estimates of cost to provide inspection and repair ran into the multiple billions, a staggering amount.

The decision was made: "We'll just have to live with the risk" because the building owners themselves didn't want to foot that bill.

So if The Big One ever strikes, and you have multiple building failures directly attributable to that, I guess we'll see if the gamble was worth it.

Of course, the MSM will just blame Bush.

(P.S. You seem to infer that N.O. is somehow "unique" in this respect. If you think I'm stupid enough to fall for that one, you're sadly mistaken).

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