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Re: Katrina emergency response

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Harold Sprague wrote:


On 2 different hurricanes this year (one in July in Florida and for Katrina) FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Missouri Task Force 1 deployed well in advance of landfall to a position within about 6 or 8 hour driving range PRIOR to landfall. The Florida hurricane did not amount to much and after landfall, FEMA demobilized the task force and they returned to Missouri.

I don't consider this "first response" because you're not RESPONDING to anything.

By that definition, it is "first response" to build a fire station near a housing development.

"First response" is defined, as I recall, as responding to an actual disaster.

I think it's great that FEMA tried to be ready to go when it looked certain this might happen. I don't really fault FEMA or the great majority of folks who tried to anticipate and since have worked to alleviate this disaster.

Who I FAULT is the local and state officials in LA whose immediate first impulse was to read talking points sent them from the DNC's fax machines rather than just get to work. At least they're consistent: The Left's continued insistence that the Federal gub'mint is the answer to any, every and all problems is nauseatingly familiar. One woman on a discussion list I monitor (on the subject of acoustic guitar music, as it happens) summed it all up: "People are suffering and dying in the N.O. Superdome! Please alert your congressperson as soon as you read this!"

The FACT is, that the CONO's own Emergency Plan for forced evacuation of citizens using city-owned mass transport was IGNORED, but the city officials then chimed in with the "blame Bush" chorus. This is criminal behavior, IMO.

More than anything else, the FACT that this "debate" began not twenty-four hours after the storm came ashore is the most sickening thing I have ever beheld in my entire life.

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