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Re: Available for engineering help - Katrina

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Jordan Truesdell, PE wrote:

Although I've been to NO once, I found very little to recommend it that cannot be resurrected elsewhere, above sea level. The architectural history is sad to consider losing, but it seems that we've been living on borrowed time there for a while now. I'm not familiar with the details of the flooded areas to the national picture (ports, waterways), but if the facilities can be operational without New Orleans, I would rather save the tens or hundreds of billions of dollars and let Lake Pontchitrain be just a little bit bigger from now on. To me, it just looks like one more bad way to spend money. For what its worth, I would say the same if it were DC, where I grew up, if it were in the same condition.

Consider this:

We commonly consider a "five hundred year return period" for a major storm event in design or other such consideration.

New Orleans was founded in 1718. It was only a matter of time when a "big near-miss" (which is actually what this was) would make the continued habitation of the city problematic.

Of course we can spruce the place up again, bury the dead, repair (or raze and replace) the buildings, etc.

And we can build the levees higher and stronger, and install bigger pumps.

How much is all this going to cost?

It's this notion, voiced by pols like Mary Landrieu for example, that all the rest of us have a "duty" to help foot that bill that I find to be ludicrous beyond words. (Denny Hastert was simply talking reason, Ms. Landrieu. Deal with it).

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