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Re: Is Everyone Present And Accounted For?----[Choices]

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Harold Sprague wrote:

We are so damned quick to see that if something bad happens, someone has to be responsible. I get so tired of it. We had a VERY unusual and rare storm hit a vulnerable region. I like the responses that offer aid, and what we can do about the situation.

I echo your sentiments exactly, Harold.

I don't even think, like Bill O'Reilly seems to be stuck saying, that "everyone is to blame." As you say, if we designed every friggin' building, street and city for "the Big One," our economy would look vastly different than it does.

I don't know how we in our generation suddenly came up with this notion that NOTHING bad should happen ANYWHERE, and that if it does we need to make a political campaign issue of it.

But it seems we're stuck with it (notice the "levee system was only 80% complete" mantra that's popped up even here where people ought to know better...)

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