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Re: Is Everyone Present And Accounted For?----[Choices]

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Sharon Robertson wrote:

Don't be silly.

Just because you are sued doesn't mean that the plaintiff will win.

Obviously if your design meets the standard of practice the plaintiff has no
You're being naive, you know.

The vast majority of such cases settle out of court, with no clear "winner" or "loser" except in the monetary sense--the only sense that matters to attorneys.

Or are you going to tell me you've NEVER known anyone to settle out of court in order to "cut their losses" even though they were not at fault and did not admit to fault?

The case we settle last year, the engineer was "forced" to settle because his insurer insisted on it. He was never shown to have been negligent, or to have exceeded the design standard. But he was sued, and money changed hands anyway.

Like I say: This whole scenario ought to be chilling. It's one thing to say "well, we gambled and lost. It was a calculated risk, but things turned on us," and another to say "doesn't matter what you did, people are hurt or dead, so it's your fault, you criminal!"

That's where we're headed.

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