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Re: Available for engineering help - Katrina

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>     I guess the next time we have a major earthquake on the west coast we
> should just tell everyone to move elsewhere.  Maybe we should tell
> everyone
> in Florida to move out and just visit on the weekends.  New Orleans is a
> vital part of Louisiana's economy as well as its history.  For anyone,
> especially someone who knows so little about the State, to comment that
> they
> should just leave it underwater is ridiculous and it makes me angry.

It's not a question of what you should tell someone about where s/he
should live.

It's a question of whether everyone else in the country is OBLIGATED to
rebuild all your stuff right back where it was so it can remain liable to
be knocked down again.

I don't agree that I am so obligated. Freedom TO do something very often
goes hand in glove with freedom FROM being forced to do something.

Your "right" to live where you want doesn't obligate me to pay for it. You
wanna rebuild N.O., go RIGHT AHEAD. The minute you prod your
Congresscritters to take money from the rest of us in order to accomplish
it, though, you've stepped in it.

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