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Re: Is Everyone Present And Accounted For?----[Choices]

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Thomas Honles wrote:


I think you confuse risk to property with risk to life. Weld failures in steel frame buildings in the 1994 Northridge earthquake killed no one IIRC.

You wanna re-read what I wrote, and THEN do you wanna run that past me again?

Here's what I said in a nutshell: "This situation (broken welds) is allowed to remain even though in the event of a big-boy earthquake, buildings are likely going to fall and people are going to be killed. It's a calculated risk."

FWIW, the people in N.O. who died CHOSE to remain even though told to leave. Those who COULDN'T leave, were supposed to have been force-evacuated via city-owned buses--hundred of which were parked just blocks away from the Superdome, according to the City's own published Disaster Plan.

None of that was done. But it's "Bush's fault"?


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