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Re: Katrina emergency response

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Scott Maxwell wrote:

You mean much like your posturing?

I see all your comments about how "...the local and state officials in LA
whose immediate first impulse was to read talking points sent them from
the DNC's fax machines rather than just get to work."  I am curious do you
have anything to base this on other than pure speculation?  Did you happen
to quit doing engineering, move to an NO area and work in say the mayor's
office and actually SEE such faxes?  Or is that you are just as guilty of
the "political posturing" as the politicians?
Do me a favor: Actually read the news before you spout off like this.

The comments of the "leaders" in Lousiana are a matter of public record.

Google is your friend.

(Note the similarity of wording, too, between these statements and those of e.g. Joseph Kennedy. Striking, eh?)

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