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Re: Is Everyone Present And Accounted For?----[Choices]

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Sharon -

Thanks for the suggestion.  The first hit I got was the USACE site.
It looks like the goal was to provide pumping capacity to address a
10-year storm.  That's spitting in the wind for a Cat 5, as Harold
implied, and certainly nowhere near an annual probability of exceedence
of 0.005, as described by the general from USACE.

Regarding the tasks to be undertaken, I looked at a PPT that was on
their site and what it showed for Orleans Parish was three areas of
improvement focus, none of which appeared at first blush to be near
the levee breaches nor in the areas hardest hit by flooding.  None
of it appears to have been directed at strengthening levees, although
I admit there was a gaping hole in the "Tasks" section of the page.
There is more at the site to read than I have time to look over just
now. If anything interesting comes up, I will be sure to mention it.

I remain convinced (at least for now) that this program, at least,
did not have the ability to even marginally mitigate the outcome of
this event, especially given the early loss of power that affected
the city and hindered pumping the water that was filling the city.


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