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RE: Katrina emergency response

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Just because you sound like a well trained parrot of the
Right/Republicans does not prove that you get faxes from the RNC telling
you what to say.  Only proves that you happen to say similar things.  Is
it possible that you get talking points from the RNC/conservative/Right
powers that be?  Sure.  But I really don't know.

As to Google being my friend, I have first of all read plenty of news
about Katerina including many of the wonderfully, potentially politically
charged comments by local officials.  I, unlike you, choose to keep my
mind open to the possibility that there might be more than one thing that
maybe motivating many of such comments (such as maybe the stress and
emotion of being the mayor of a city that has had a major disaster happen
to his has been my experience that sometimes people in such
situations speak before they have a chance to engage normal "filters" due
to high emotions...not to mention that maybe, just maybe Bush is not the
saint that does not make any mistakes that many blind followers believe
and in this case made some mistakes).

And yes, while Google can find some good stuff, it can also find tons of
garbage too.  Just cause Google finds something on the Net, does not make
that thing true.

I will (again) point out that a Google search and reading of news/public
statements will show that it is not just Dems (and those you perceive to
be their puppets) that are critizing Bush and federal response.  There are
Republicans doing so as well.  But, as this does not comfortably fit
within your belief system, like any good zealot, you just choose to ignore
these little facts and chaulk it all up to a huge conspiracy by the Dems
to attack Bush.  Now, I will admit that not as many Republicans
necessarily are tossing blame personally at Bush, but I personally believe
that is cause they are good little Republicans who don't dare critize
saint Bush (note, I don't try to pass it if as is just my wild

I will stop interruptings your lovefest with Bush, who apparently can do
no wrong in your eyes (and his own).  Please return to your conservative
lovefest and just blithely ignore me, which I am sure you already do.


Adrian, MI

On Tues, 6 Sept 2005, Bill Polhemus wrote:

>The comments of the "leaders" in Lousiana are a matter of public record.
>Google is your friend.
>(Note the similarity of wording, too, between these statements and those
>of e.g. Joseph Kennedy. Striking, eh?)

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