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RE: Katrina emergency response

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I recently joined this forum with the intent to discuss matters related to our trade – Structural Engineering.  However, only one in twenty e-mails is related to the field.  The rest, to me are undesirable and should be taken to another forum.  Is there anyone on the Board of SEA participating in this forum?  Can something be done to hold down the political rantings and inappropriate discussions?


It is entirely appropriate to discuss matter related to Katrina as they affect our trade.  The rest should be taken offline.  Please be more considerate of others in the future.


Rich Warren P.E.




From: Bill Polhemus [mailto:bill(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: Re: Katrina emergency response


Kevin Polin wrote:

His dedication reminds me of the blind dedication and allegiance that the Germans showed to Hitler…Sad really.

As opposed to the blind dedication you people have to unlimited, unfettered government, I guess.

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