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NO Local and State Disaster Plan

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New Orleans developed an emergency plan that they apparently did not follow:



City of New Orleans Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan



Training and education on Disaster Preparedness are essential to local
government and nongovernmental disaster agencies, in order to mitigate the
loss of life and property in the event of a peacetime emergency. An
understanding of emergency operations, plus recurring education and training
in emergency response and disaster operations, is the basis of response
effectiveness. Individuals with assigned tasks must receive preparatory
training to maximize operations. The goal of emergency preparedness training
is the preparation of individuals and organizations for effective and
coordinated response to emergencies. 

Likewise, increasing the public's awareness of the various hazards which may
threaten them, and the available methods of protection is the essence of
emergency preparedness. In addition, during periods of emergency and
disaster it will be necessary for the citizenry to be informed and educated
concerning any action that may be required of them to save lives and
property. A mechanism must be in place to inform the public as to
particulars of evacuation, health care, shelter, transportation and all
other directions of which they should be informed.


Under the direction of the Mayor, the Office of Emergency Preparedness will
coordinate activities in accordance with the Comprehensive Emergency
Management Plan to assure the coordination of training programs for all
planning, support, and response agencies. Departments, authorities,
agencies, municipalities, and all private response organizations bear the
responsibility of ensuring their personnel are sufficiently trained.

The Office of Emergency Preparedness will coordinate training provided by
the Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness and the Federal Emergency
Management Agency. Schedules of state emergency management training will be
provided to all appropriate agencies. Applications for LOEP/FEMA courses
will be submitted to the Director, Office of Emergency Preparedness for
approval and submittal to LOEP."

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