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I just came back from a hospital, where I took my relative for a post-surgery meeting with the doctor. 
That doctor (a surgeon regarded one of the best in our area) came back from NO just yesterday.  He was there as part of an emergency team, doing surgery, working with the army, helicopters, field hospitals, etc.
He did not have time to talk much about the situation, although he seemingly wanted to.  Among the things he emphasized...
1) Although the media coverage is generally adequate, the situation in is much worse than it is presented.  Particularly, he has some doomsday-type body count expectations.
2) The situation and suffering in the Superdome was beyond any comprehension, mostly, due to poor organization and management.
3) The NO residents live in unbelievably bad conditions.  However, people he met/treated while on his tour were generally graceful, mutually supportive, patient, and greatly appreciative of help that pours in from everywhere.
4) He did not even want to talk about politicians.
Other than that - "England expects every man to do his duty" - Adm. Horatio Nelson, almost exactly 200 years ago.
Steve Gordin SE
Irvine CA