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Re: Katrina emergency response

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Caldwell, Stan wrote:

I am writing in an effort to end this unfortunate thread.  Natural disasters are not Republican, nor Democrat, nor conservative, nor liberal.

Up until this time, that seems to have been the consensus.

They are not always avoidable, by design or by operation, so they happen from time to time.

However, to hear Reid, Pelosi and that gang, "more legislation and more funding" would have solved everything.

These tragedies must be responded to by ordinary people working through civilian and government agencies.  Neither the people nor the agencies are perfect.  Trying to assign blame is not productive except to the extent that it leads to improved future response.

But don't count on ANY of that from the witch-hunt "inquiries" that will ensue from this. It will be like the 9/11 Commission hearings and report: Completely useless except as political fodder for the next campaign.

Our political climate nowadays is about political one-upmanship and nothing more. There is no more "silly season" of campaigning; Bill Clinton has taught us that you campaign 24/7, from the day you take office till the day they force you to leave.

And so NOTHING, NOT ONE THING is done now in Washington D.C. unless there is some political angle involved. The well-being of the nation can go hang, it's more important to be seen on the 24-hour news organs, posturing and preening for whatever collection of constituencies we feel we need to sustain our political viability.

Elected officials no longer care if they are doing their jobs, but rather how the soundbites are going to come out.

And so we can rely on continued irrelevance and witlessness from government at all levels.


56% - New Orleans is damaged beyond repair

63% - New Orleans should be rebuilt

Since the last two results appear to be in direct conflict (at least to me), it would have been nice if there had been some follow-up questions to provide context.

I have often wondered why we don't see a poll done on the relevance (or lack thereof ) of polls. But strangely, no polling company has aspired to produce one.

Fancy that.
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