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Re: Masonry wall with epoxy anchors

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Yes and no.  I leave open the possibility, although I find it a little
tough to believe that someone could "honestly" do a stacked bond instead
of a running bond (but, hey, it could be a moron or just someone who JUST
started doing masonry construction).

I more look at it if the contractor deliberately did this to save money,
what makes you think the guy/gal is gonna just lie down and take a demand
to rip down and replace the wall without some sort of reponse.  If the
contractor is that "shady" than I am sure that s/he will have little heart
burn in finding some other way to screw to owner and maybe screw the
engineer in retaliation (so to speak).  So, I would factor in to the
decision are you screwing yourself in the end by demanding the replacement
of the wall?  In otherwords, which provides the best solution from all
aspects rather than just the principled solution.

Kind of like dealing with a trouble-some or demanding building official
(sorry, not trying to pick on them).  You might be right about something,
but you have to decide if in winning such a battle with the code/building
offical are you setting yourself up for a tons of other problems that you
won't win that you would otherwise not face if you take a less
confrontational/rigid approach.

Contrary to many people's belief, very few things in my experience are
truly "black and white" decisions.  Every choice/decision has pluses and

Enough philospohical crap for head is hurting now.


Adrian, MI

On Thu, 8 Sep 2005 Jnapd(--nospam--at) wrote:

> Scott:
> Your first major assumption is that the contractor made an honest mistake
> not a calculated one.  From my experience most contractors make honest  mistakes
> on unclear items or confusing instructions. When it is shown and called  out
> on the plans it is usually a deliberate mistake.......usually to save  himself
> money.
> Joe  Venuti
> Johnson & Nielsen Associates
> Palm Springs,  CA

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