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Field welding

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This is a note on the contract drawings I am quoting from;


“Field welding to existing structural steel.

Prepare serfaces (sic) of existing steel for welding by removing all paint and grinding clean to white metal.

Preheat to a minimum of 200 degrees F. in order to control the cooling rate.

Permissible welding stresses shall be taken as only 50% of normal allowable stresses when welds are performed in shop.”


For starters, the cooling rate is controlled by postheat, not preheat.

Secondly, I am assuming when the EOR says “allowable stresses”, s(he) means allowable weld  values.


My questions are; can an engineer mandate pre or post heat for welds that only require the material to be at ambient temperature according to AWS?

And, can an engineer mandate a factored allowable weld value when the code allows full values for field welds.





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