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RE: Field welding

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I tend to agree with Scott on this one.  For a given project, what the EOR
reports is gospel, whether it be right or wrong.  And if there is a
conflict, the specs as shown in the contract documents trump all.  Or so I
understand things.

And as for halving the allowables, this, I believe, is simply an engineer
putting a safety factor into a procedure that has a great chance of coming
in under qualified.  According to this spec, I would assume that the EOR
would like to have twice as much field welding as needed by analysis.  I am
also going to assume that the spec writer meant to say "strengths" rather
than "stresses."  I could be wrong, and in that case, I would stop assuming
everything and get answers directly from the horses mouth.

Finally, I would never write a spec like this as there is a potential to
conflict the AWS D1.1.  Therefore, my specs always read, in short, welders
and inspectors shall have proper AWS certification and shall be as called
out on the plans and performed in accordance with the AWS.

...because, that's how I roll.  Others may roll differently.

Dave Maynard, PE
Gillette, Wyoming
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