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Re: Katrina emergency response - Superdome

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Jordan Truesdell, PE wrote:

I'm not sure when the dome was built, to be quite honest (I only know the years that VT has attended the SugarBowl, and that's not necessarily a good indicter of historic dates more than a few years old ;-).

It was built in the early 1970s (around 1972 comes to mind), and I believe was designed in the late-60s to very-early-70s time-frame.

One interesting thing I seem to recall is, that the State of Lousiana's politicians saddled the state with a perpetual debt for the thing (since of course it was supposed to last for a hundred years or more), with a note that paid only the interest in perpetuity.

Now, that may be inaccurate, or they may have refinanced it later on, but that's something I remember being "taught" in high school. ('Course you got to remember that I grew up in "Crimson Tide" country, where nothing nice would ever be said 'bout some place in "Bayou Bengal" country--Birmin'ham was ALWAYS jealous of Atlanta or N'awlins or any place that could afford an NFL franchise, after all).

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