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Re: Field welding

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dave lowen wrote:

Permissible welding stresses shall be taken as only 50% of normal allowable stresses when welds are performed in shop.

Just a fly-by comment:

(I think you meant to say "only 50% ... when welds are performed in the FIELD")

Whatever the case, I don't think this "50% strength" provision is justified.

This sort of thinking--that when we're "careful" we can take full marks, but if no one's watching we'll just reduce the allowable--seems to have passed into oblivion (ex.: The "inspected" vs. "uninspected" strength of masonry).

Either it's done right or it's not allowable, PERIOD.

I think you ought to simply refer to the AWS for welding, period, and put the onus on the fabricator and erector. Require them, for example, to submit weld procedures and related documentation to the Engineer during Shop Drawing review--this is likely covered at length in the current AWS, of which I do not currently have a copy, so refer to that document and to AISC Code of Standard Practice for correct wording.

IMO, we engineers in our various guises on code and standard writing committees have come up with standard procedures to which we may refer in our drawings. I'd rather do that than perpetuate an arbitrary requirement that we might have copied over as tow-headed youths from some older engineer whose best days were fifty years ago.

Used to, they had to rely on their own, accumulated, INDIVIDUAL knowledge.

No longer.

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