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Tall Screenwall

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I was wondering what the tallest concrete screen wall some of you have ever designed was?
I have one I am looking at that is going to be about 22ft at its highest point, I don't think I have ever seen a screen wall this high before. I am getting a 12" concrete wall to work in Enercalc, but I haven't started looking at P-Delta or running any hand chekcs on my own.  (For 22ft, 12" seems thin to me.)
It will be in a moderate seismic area and 90 mph wind. (And the architects don't want to use pilasters). I am thinking about dropping the footing a few extra feet down and tying the wall into the adjacent slab to create a couple at the base, instead of just relying on the footing width to resist the overturning. Do you think this would be a more economical way to handle it? Or will I just get a bunch of complaints about having to excavate, pour the footing, then fill back in again against the wall?

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