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Re: Field welding

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Scott Maxwell wrote:

The point is that codes are minimum levels.  Call it minimum consensus
levels if you want.  And codes achieve life safety with a little more in
some cases now a days.
I have no problem with going beyond code values. I just don't like the arbitrary nature of provisions like "we'll call this field weld X percent 'as good' as a shop weld," which has no basis in the consensus, and typically can't be demonstrated by the engineer as being reliable.

But you and I know that if you go beyond what the code allows, from time to time the contractor will scream (even if it was in the Ds and Ss when he bid on 'em), tell the owner he's got to have more money, and the squeamish owner will side with the contractor in the great majority of cases.

Sorry about the non-sequitur, but that's a reality I also take into account when I put notes on drawings (or provisions in specs, for those of you joined at the hip with CSI).

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