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RE: Bill Polhemus

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> Then please Bill, practice "good manners" and just say "thank you" to
> those that have commented on your "opinions", for their views, and then
> move on.  As long as you respond with another opinion, the thread will
> never end.  I don't mind a couple of political comments interweaved with
> engineering related content, but the number of email without any real
> new content have gotten out of hand.

Sorry, that ain't the way "dialogue" works. If I thought the tripe posted
by most of the "agitators" here was actually worthy of respect, I'd
respond that way.

But it's either "ad hominem" or just more mouthing of the latest Leftist
talking points. Wittingly or no--and the jury's out on that IMO--they are
doing all they can to destroy this nation. Their bleating about "loyal
opposition" rings hollow, to say the least.

FWIW, the "thank you-you're welcome" diptych is appropriate when actual
information is exchanged.

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