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Re: Katrina emergency response

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Gary Hodgson & Associates wrote:

....pollution which undoubtly is poisoning our atmosphere and waters.

Far more undoubtedly, pollution far less evident today than it was forty years ago.

The FACT is that in the Free World, polution has long ago been mitigated to safe levels, with very few exceptions.

Of course, in the Leftist Wonderland of the former Soviet bloc, they're still engaged in massive cleanup.

Ironic that the last overseer of such horrible depredations, Mikhail Gorbachev, turned to the "environment" as his next crusade. "Environmentalism" is the new seat of Leftist political endeavor. And as always, the Left lies, lies, lies and lies to accrue power to itself.

It was true in 1917 and it is true today.

And I see that you've swallowed the Kool-Aid as well.

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