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SE Grassroots Effort at Change (WAS: Field welding)

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Joe Grill wrote:


...I think Jordan has covered the issue as far as I’m concerned. I practice in an area where you never know who might be doing the welding in the field. I can spec. anything as far as certifications etc etc. and will never know, because beyond the design I may have nothing more to do with the project. This area is like doing design in a third world country...

Here's what I think ought to happen.

S.E.s ought to begin to REFUSE to do projects of the type where (1) there are life-safety issues involved with critical components like connections, proper installation, etc., and (2) the Owner will not allow Observation (if not outright inspection) by the SEOR.

Yeah, I know: I'm dreaming. But it has been a LONG time since I've done work under adverse conditions like this, and the last time it DID happen, I sent letters to the Building Official (one of the rare occasions where there was a building official) with cc: to the Owner, protesting what I sincerely believed to be inadequate work.

Interestingly, this was intelligence gained from an "uninvited, unpaid" inspection tour I made of this project. The Owner didn't want the inspection, and I knew that the B.O. in this small city doesn't provide inspection unless requested by the Owner.

So I did a guerilla inspection based on my almost certain suspicion that things weren't done right--it was an unusual retrofit installation and I had had to answer a LOT of "stupid questions" from the contractor, many of them repetitive, letting me know he hadn't a clue what he was doing, nor what I was asking for.

Sure enough, I found problems. I sent the letter. No response from anyone, just as I expected.

And this client will never contact me again, I'm pretty certain.

"Imagine all the S.E.s
Telling the Owners and Contractors to get lost

"You may say I'm a dreamer
Well, I'm probably the only one..."

(With apologies to noted CommSymp Dreamer John Lennon)

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