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Re: Bill Polhemus

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I have been receiving the SEAINT List in digest format for the past couple of months since I left on vacation. I see we are back to the same mud-slinging issues that seem always to find its way into the engineering professional listservice. I suppose this won't stop but I would like to offer one simple suggestion:

There is a spin on both sides of the aisle and finding the truth is a difficult task. However, I have been subscribing to which is a Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. I lean to the left, but FactCheck.Org has studied the claims made by both political advertising and statements within the media and provides you with the most current FACT - yes, substantiation of the facts that identify when the truth is being bent to accomodate either side.

Is President Bush to blame for the flooding in New Orlean's as the ad's claim? While the ad implies that the president is responsible for an act of G*d, but in reality, his responsibility lies with constantly cutting the budget that was requested by the Army Corp of Engineers to approximately 1/3 of what was needed to make the upgrades to the Lake Pontchartain project. This is a one line synopsis of a one page document that Analyzes the ad or claim that Bush is responsible.

My point is that we can argue back and forth with opinions, biases (from either side) and personal hatred, but it would be much more productive to take these questions and research the facts on the University of Pennsylvania site. is funded by the Annenberg Center, but the compilation of the facts surrounding the claims is the sole responsiblity of the University staff, not the Annenberg Center.

So while not stack the facts on the issues rather than argue the biased media left and right.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
California Professional Engineer
Structural Engineering Consultant

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